Abuja is the capital of Nigeria and one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria. With its expansive rocky terrain, it’s the most well planned and organized city in Nigeria.
When you talk of well-designed building structures, building arrangements and road network, the federal capital territory, Abuja is in a class on its own in Nigeria.
There are beautiful building structures that are worth seeing in Abuja. In case you came into Abuja and you are yet to see any of this building structures, which means you haven’t really visited Abuja.
Here are 7 strategic building structures in Abuja that is worth seeing.

National Assembly (NASS): In as much is one of the hardest places to gain entrance into, the NASS building complex is one of the most beautiful. It’s pretty difficult gaining into the complex unless with defined invitation from any important personality.

Nass Photo
nass foto

Federal Ministry of foreign affairs: This building structure is one of the most beautiful in Abuja. Pretty catching colour and well-designed plan, the building is located in the heart of Abuja, Central business district, Garki.

min foreign affairs

min Foreign

Central bank of Nigeria (CBN): Now let’s not talk about how they bring and manage financial policies and economy of Nigeria. The CBN complex is one the most beautiful building complex in Abuja.

Federal Secretariat: Sited closely beside the federal ministry of foreign affairs. The architectural design is simple but ruggedly beautiful.

Nigerian communications commission (NCC): NCC has one of the most beautiful architectural building designs in Abuja.
ncc 2
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