Akwa Ibom was created on the 23 September 1987 by Ibrahim Babangida Badamassi (IBB). The state was named after the famous river “Qua Iboe”. Akwa Ibom is situated in the Southern part of Nigeria, an oil rich state of the Niger Delta. The capital of Akwa Ibom is Uyo.
Akwa Ibom state is not only known for oil, but also full of tourism and leisure destination sights. Here are four places you need to see when you are in Akwa Ibom
Lord Lugard House: This is a one story building cottage where Lord Lugard the British administrator to Nigeria stayed during the amalgamation.

Lord Lugard house

Ibeno beach: Tourists from in and outside the country visit this place on a regular basis. This beautiful sand beach provides recreational facilities with excellent opportunities for water sports.
ibeno beach
Ibom Tropicana Entertainment center: This place is a modern leisure, entertainment and business resort in the capital of Akwa Ibom state, Uyo.
ibom tropicana entertainment center
Ibom International stadium: A world class stadium developed by world class engineers. The stadium is a beauty to behold, great architectural design, located in the heart of Uyo. You need to visit this stadium if you are in Akwa Ibom state.
Stadium at nIGHT
Stadium 2