The most delicious meal on this planet earth are found in Nigeria. Easy, simple to make but will blow your mind after tasting it.
With great recipes which are not difficult to get. If you are in Nigeria or planning to visit, make sure you have taste of this food before leaving.
Here are 8 Nigerian yummylicious food that will blow your mind.

Porridge beans and roasted fish:
prridge beans and roasted fish
This meal is one of the most eaten in Nigeria. Made with beans and groundnut oil, then roasted fish to compliment. A very wonderful protein diet.

Boiled corn & pear:
corn and pear
A wonderful seasonal delicacy. This food is readily available during the raining season. If you are in Nigeria during the rainy season, try to taste this precious food.

Akara & Akamu:
pap and akara
Often regarded as food for those who wants to lose weight or dieting. But trust me, you will definitely enjoy this meal, most especially taken in the morning or Dinner.

Vegetable soup with rice and plantain:
Very healthy combination with this.

Vegetable soup and Semo:
vegetable soup and semo
Nigerians love “swallow” a lot. It’s like part of us, our culture. A blend of vegetable soup and semo will go very well. Vegetable soup can also be taken with corn floor, wheat floor or even pounded yam.

Garri and Kuli-kuli:
garri and kuli kuli
Known to be Nigerian student’s most common food. Some refer to it as a poor man’s food. But bone that side jare. Garri with horny, milk, sugar and kuli-kuli, then with ice chilled water. It would look as if you are in heaven after eating this.

Pepper soup (Ofe nsala):
ofe nsala
Often given to women that just got delivered of a baby, or people on sick bed. This delicacy is very medicinal. It feels so good eating it with pounded yam.

Okro soup:
okro soup
There are some delicacies you describe as yummylicious, delicious, sweetilicious, okro soup is one of them. If you haven’t eaten this meal, I think you should try it.