I know most of us must have heard if we didn’t watch the game between Super Eagles of Nigeria and the Zambian national team. It was a well-deserved victory for the super Eagles as they cruise to Russia 2018 world cup.
Uyo the Akwa Ibom state capital hosted the match and it was an awesome experience. But let’s not go much into the sports aspect, let’s talk about the tourism aspect and how the match benefited the state and indigenes.
Here are 5 ways the Nigeria/Zambia match benefitted Akwa Ibom state.
1. More money for hotels – The match was played on the 7th of October, 2017. As at 3rd, all the hotels in Uyo and environs were all booked. Some hotels even increased their rates. So more money for the state.
2. Indigenes made money from transportation – Most of the local airlines for that day were directed towards Akwa Ibom state. Road transportation towards the state were increased. Indigenes of the state who are into public transportation were very busy transporting fans, supporters and visitors to the Uyo stadium, hotels and other destinations. I even heard some people with private cars used them to transport people thereby making money.
3. Uyo city sold to the world as a Tourist destination - We all know Uyo is a cool and beautiful city. Many people were coming into the city for the first time, and many of them would definitely come back after experiencing the beautiful serene and wonderful environment.
4. Opportunity for holiday - some visitors who came into the state won’t just leave too soon. They would use the opportunity to explore Akwa Ibom and some great tourist sites, thereby helping the state make more money from tourism.
5. Business boom for Small scale businesses – Those involved in small scale business made quit a good profit from the inflow of people. Like those selling recharge cards, taxi/cab drivers, food sellers etc.

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