Obudu Cattle Ranch


The resort has a helipad for access by air. At the base of the hills on which the ranch is located lies a newly built world-class water park with state-of-art swimming facilities and water slides for children, teens and adults.

The hilltop (cattle ranch) is about 11km of winded road from the base and can be accessed by either the cable-car or the road. The ranch has numerous pleasant mountain-area and country-side views.

Obudu is one of the finest and most magnificent tourist destinations in the world today. Deep in the tropical rain forest of Cross River State, presents an area of idyllic tranquility and an enchanting scenery.

Indeed, it is a tourist heaven with its inviting natural endowment to be explored. Obudu has increasingly become popular amongst tourists, adventurers and event planners from all around Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

With over 160 accommodation categories, made up of standard rooms, executive rooms, huts and chalets to a presidential apartment, amidst its extreme eco-tourism potentials, there’s more than enough space for other activities.

Driving to the resort can be quite exhilarating, especially the last ten kilometres of winding road with its 22 bends, including the famous Devil’s Elbow halfway along.

In 2005 a state-of-the-art cable-car was built with 34 cars, each carrying eight people and covering a distance of four kilometres up through the clouds offering inspiring and dramatic vistas of green rolling hills.


Obudu holds its annual mountain race in November for more energetic people with a cash prize attracting competitors from across Nigeria and internationally.

Although Obudu welcomes visitors all year round; the much best time to visit is October to February, when the flowers are in bloom, the sky is clear and the air is cool. This is ideal weather for trekking over the high ground and enjoy the extensive views that stretch out across the plateau.

This is an African Sun resort, so expect the comfort and top-class service, which the group is famous for. Visitors can take the advantage of the fully equipped gym and floodlit tennis courts (there is also a squash court and 9-hole golf course), before relaxing at the terrace restaurant complete with blazing log fire.

This may be tropical Nigeria, but remember you are at the top of a mountain!

Cable car
This is the biggest attraction at Obudu and it runs from the entrance of the resort at the bottom of the mountain up to the ranch resort at the summit.

It is claimed to be the world’s longest cable car system.

Water park
An ideal spot for tourists to take a dip in the cool and crystal clear waters. Here you experience the thrill of state-of-the-art water slides, or the relaxing effects of the Jacuzzi.

African huts
There are 10 each with two apartments which gives the ranch the look and feel of being in the Safari.
Becheve Nature Resort
This nature reserve is home to 250 different species of migratory birds that have been observed at the ranch at different times throughout the year.

Tourists can trek on the 60KM canopy walkway built in the form of a ladder tree house unhindered, for breathtaking view.

Tourists be amazed at the extraordinary diversity of canopy life and breathtaking view from such height.

Other facilities at Obudu Mountain Resort include: Golf Course, Hotel, Waterfall, Cattle Ranch etc

Standard Double Chalet Standard Single N25,000 N30,000
Family Unit N42,500 N47,500
Superior Double Chalet N25,000 N30,000
African Huts N28,500 N33,500
Club Chalet N30,000 N35,000
Executive Suite N35,000 N40,000
Royal Suite N47,500 N52,500
Presidential Suite N55,000 N60,000
Governor's Lodge N65,000 N70,000
Mountain Villas N75,000 N80,000
Presidential Retreatt N250,000 N255,000
Meals (Per Person)  Breakfast N3,000 - N3,500
 Lunch  N3,000 -  N3,500
 Dinner  N3,000 -  N3,500



(Rates inclusive of VAT and service charge)

Breakfast  Set Menu/Buffet N2,500 - N3,500 Per Person
Launch  Set Menu/Buffet  N2,500 - N3,500
 Dinner  Set Menu/Buffet  N2,500 - N3,500
Theme Dinner  N3,500 Surcharge Per Person
Barbeque  N2,000 - N4,000
 Tea /Cofee   N800
 Snacks  N1,200 - N1,400


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