World Cup: Five (5) sites you should visit in Russia

Russia is a beautiful, fascinating and friendly country, and the World Cup should prove a welcome window into the biggest nation on the planet.

For those that would be in Russia or already there, there are some fascinating sites and experiences should never miss in Russia during the world cup. You’re not going there to watch only football matches. You can take out some time to go sightseeing in the country.

Here are five (5) sites you should visit when this world cup season in Russia.

Red Square is a beautiful city square located in Moscow. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The site has been used for official ceremonies by all Russian governments since it was established. You need to visit the place if you’re in Russia.

Kremlin actually means fortress. The Kremlin is the official residency of the President of Russia. The site is also a UNESCO world heritage site. Make sure you visit the place if you haven’t.

Moscow River cruise and sightseeing is the experience you don’t want to miss. Imagine enjoying a cruise early in the morning or towards the evening! A very beautiful experience you don’t want to ignore.

Ostankinskaya tower: Ostankinskaya TV tower is the 8th tallest building in the world and the highest building in Europe! Do check out the place before leaving Russia.

Tsaritsyno Museum: Tsaritsyno is a palace museum and park reserve in the south of Moscow. With beautiful arts and architecture, Tsaritsyno is the largest historical museum in Moscow.

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