5 Destinations around the World to Travel To in December

Welcome to Ember Month.

Christmas is coming! Who’s ready for the holiday season? You should be looking for a nice destination to take your family to this Christmas holiday.

Here are 5 destinations around the World to Travel in December

Dubai – One of the most visited Cities in the Arab Emirates. The city is Home to the world’s tallest building, the fastest Rollercoaster, and world’s biggest water park, Dubai is an irresistible dream vacation for all travelers who love an adventure. You can visit this destination this December.


Singapore – The country has one of the richest cultures in Asia. Singapore is home to the most beautiful Airport in the world.

When you visit Singapore, do visit the universal studios, Sentosa Island and Gardens by the Bay.

Jamaica – flying into Jamaica, aiming the tropical beach with refreshing breeze decorating your body. With the active night life in Jamaica, you are sure to enjoy the Reggae music and topnotch Jamaican food. A cruise at Montego Bay Port & Rastafari Indigenous Village won’t be a bad idea.

Mauritius – A destination suited for new couples. This island nation in East Africa has one of the reserved Architectural infrastructures with luxurious resorts beautiful to the eyes. There are also beautiful beaches with turquoise clear waters. It would be nice if you visit Mauritius this December.

Rio De Janeiro (Brazil) -The land of football and colorful carnivals. When you are in Rio, don’t dull yourself. Indulge yourself in the ever-present carnival aura that the city is made of. Visit the beautiful beaches and engage in samba dance.

With the above destinations, you can pick the best that suites your taste