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Important Information From British Airways Concerning The Recent Curfew In Lagos

All flights inbound and outbound LAGOS and ABUJA are still OPERATING as scheduled.

The following guidelines have been published to assist any customer impacted by the curfew and protests in Lagos.

Advice for British Airways-125 ticketed customers whose BA is still OPERATING, please rebook onto British Airways Flight as stated below

Airports affected                                         LOS – Lagos

Tickets issued by                                         20 October 2020

Ticket travel dates                                       21 October 2020 – 24 October 2020

New travel dates                                         Up until 28 October 2020

Rebooking Allowance                              Rebook into the same class as the original   flight or lowest available in the same cabin

Origin/Destination/Stopover changes     No

Refunds Allowed                                          No

Redemptions included                                Yes

Available for Trade                                     Yes

One involuntary ticket change allowed from the above options

For customers on cancelled flights, please follow the standard Customer Handling Guidelines > Flight Cancellations

Adherence to commercial policies/conditions of carriage guidelines remains entirely the responsibility of the user. BA reserves the right to withdraw guidelines at any time